Developing Resilience, and Leadership to Excellence  

About The Drive Institute 

The Adi Drive Institute is a leading, innovative institution, specializing in researching and developing personal resilience, leadership and excellence.

The institute was founded by Adi-Cohen-Levy and a group of experts, as a research organization and knowledge hub, supplying implementable success tools.

Its mission is to conduct research and develop tools and methodologies contributing to personal development and to the improvement of quality of life and achievements in any area, out of a deep commitment to influence the strengthening of social resilience by means of a practical method adapted to the challenges and characteristics of the 21century.

Behind the founding of the institute and development of the Drive Method is a moving story about a personal tragedy, which, in fact, was the initial trigger for its founding (see the "How it all began" tab for details).

In the recent decade, the institute has accompanied leading international organizations, security bodies, athletes, business people and prominent entrepreneurs in Israel and overseas, while the common denominator shared by them all is that they excel in their fields of endeavor.

The institute has conducted research concerning what sets apart and characterizes these organizations, entrepreneurs, athletes, combatants and commanders who have achieved outstanding results, and has found several recurring and essential components and patterns characteristic of those successful trailblazers. Based on these research studies and the needs that emerged, the institute has developed a method enabling the learning and assimilation of these winning success principles and behavior patterns

As of today, the institute engages in practical research, assessment, measurement, and development of innovative methodologies and tools.

The institute publishes research studies and professional literature and content for trainings and workshops.

The lion's share of the institute's activity is devoted to developing content for the Drive Association, and development and accompaniment for security bodies in special projects.

The institute does not accept new clients!                                                                           

                                        Our Vision:

To impart to change- leading leaders and organizations in the Israeli society, practical tools for resilience and excellence, with the purpose of ensuring a model society possessing resilience and leadership. 

Adi-Cohen-Levy donates her entire income from the institute to the Drive Association.

To learn more about the association and the people involved, visit: 

The institute became known mainlyafter the success of the Drive Method developed in 2008 by Adi-Cohen-Levy ,and its life-changing effect on the thousands of people who had managed to make significant changes in their lives thanks to their exposure to the method.  The new conception being led and implemented by the institute is named Drivology: the Focused Motivation Theory.

After seeing the extent to which the method had been successful, significant and effective among those leading populations, Adi realized the great importance of imparting these tools to our youths as well, and the sooner the better!

Stemming from the intense desire, and regardless of the cost, Adi founded the Drive Association, which nowadays is active in three major arenas: the educational system, the security system, and the academia, in order to create a better society.

The Drive Association is a social, a-political non-profit organization that uses the principles and methods learned and duplicated from the bodies studied by the Drive Institute over the recent decade. The theory and models developed in the institute have been adapted to the new, high-tech age, alongside being based on personal capabilities and soft skills.

Founded in 2010, the association provides teenagers and youths all over Israel (those with difficulties and those who excel) with practical tools for increasing motivation and actualizing potential, aimed at improving their quality of life. The association has over 100 experts and professional staff members (Drivologists) coming from diverse content worlds – coaching, therapy (including psychotherapy), business, education, security and sports. The Drivologists are professionals possessing many years of experience in group facilitation, training, counseling and coaching with youths and adults.

The Drivologists, having passed meticulous and prolonged screening processes, have a common denominator – along with their high degree of concern for society in general and youths in particular, they have handled- with amazing success-an extraordinary tragedy/challenge /some complexity they encountered in life; and through their personal example, they succeed in being influential and inspiring.

In the recent years, the Institute has often participated in professional conventions, and has been engaging in screening, training, accompaniment and development of coaching, management and training staffs. Among its clients:  security bodies, sports associations and mega corporations such as Intel, Ishkar, and senior managements of municipalities and local councils, government al bodies, the Ministry of Education, the IDF, Ministry of Defense, The Prime Minister's Office, the Israeli Air Force, The Israeli Police, The Education Corp, and the leadership schools of these bodies. 

What is personal resilience? And what is the good news?

Personal resilience – as research has suggested – is an essential component for success, as well as daring, will power, hope and commitment, a finding that is contrary to the widespread opinion that the predicting factors of success are usually the level of intelligence with which one is born and\or one's socioeconomic background.

Personal resilience is the ability of the person\unit\organization to get up one time more than the amount of times one/it has fallen down. This skill can be acquired, and thus one can ensure one's prolonged success.

Such news is extremely good, giving hope and a chance to those whose starting points are less privileged, since personal resilience, daring, will power, and commitment that lead to excellence  are acquired qualities, which can be learned, developed and practiced. For this reason, the institute emphasizes those factors found in every single person, through which lives can be changed, despite the circumstances and constraints. 

These qualities are not only necessary for excelling, but alsofor leading others and holding on at the top,as those who are considered leaders, excellent, also have challenges, gaps, and difficulties with which they have to deal. They must maintain their achievements over time; they must deal with difficulties such as coldness, loneliness, competition, failures and resistances, along with the realization that falling from a great height makes the fall all the more severe and dangerous. All these add risk factors, whose correct management under considerable stress and pressure is of great importance. 

What is the Drive Method and what is its uniqueness?

The Drive Method comprises an integration of five major content worlds:

The worlds of business, sports, coaching, positive psychology and research on the brain and excellence. The complete conception is named Drivology: The Focused Motivation Theory. The method is a product of extensive experience gained by leading experts, and prolonged research on organizations and individuals who have achieved extraordinary results, in a manner that sets them apart from all the rest.

The method is based on a great deal of on-the ground experience, up-to-date research studies and papers in the field, from the recent two decades- hence its high relevance.

The Method's Uniqueness:

  • The experts with whom Adi has developed the method have realized that the

    occupation with motivation enhancement and goal setting does not provide a complete solution. Therefore, the main thing that makes the method unique are the tools that assist in mapping the blocks  to success and the hindering factors, in order to provide a complete, supportive solution to the legitimate phenomena characterizing people and organizations, such as burnout, fatigue, and moments of crisis and weakness.

  • The method is practical and includes a structured sequence of processes, which, therefore, makes it highly effective.
  •  The method is based on practical research and support from longitudinal and cross-sectional studies on the core topics of the recent decade.
  • The method's uniqueness is also expressed in the way it is conveyed and presented: while taking into account the different learning styles, so that even in a seemingly homogenous group our staff knows how to provide a response to all styles and maintain interest and rhythm for maximum assimilation.
  • The way is innovative, dynamic and experiential, combining structured activities, humor, presentations and video clips, along with practice, simulations and maximal illustration adapted to the participants' content worlds; we have significantly simplified the models and language and have made them more accessible. The outcome-based test proves that the contents, tools, experiences and conceptions become ingrained in memory, enabling immediate and long-term application and assimilation, to the point of being able to retrieve the practical tools in decisive moments, even years after completing the process/workshop.
  •  Within the framework of the program, the participants undergo a professional, enriching, dynamic and experiential personal development  process, by a senior, experienced staff (the Drivologists trained and certified in the method),  in which they, first and foremost, come to know themselves- what are their strengthens? What are their leading values? What does success mean to them? What scares, blocks, and hinders them? After doing so, they learn how to balance, how not to give up even when going uphill and at moments of difficulty, how can success be achieved without giving in to fear, while identifying blocks to success and ways of dealing with them; how to recover, organize one's breath, and what to do when fatigued. The participants set their personal goals and visions, and plan how to accomplish them using a practical, measurable action plan, alongside additional methods and tools mainly having to do with motivation and resilience enhancement, and actualization of personal and organizational potential.

About Adi-Cohen Levy, developer of the Drive Method and founder of the Adi Drive Institute

Adi-Cohen Levy, the founder and CEO of the Drive Association, a social entrepreneur, an expert on resilience, motivation and potential actualization, a workshop developer & presenter, senior lecturer and coach (MCIL).

What has made Adi an expert on resilience and motivation are the three walls she has been forced to go through in her personal life, while the primary trigger for developing the Drive Method and establishing the association is a personal experience of tragedy.

These were joined by 15 years of management experience in the field of communication and hi-tech and extensive experience in screening, coacher training, as well as accompaniment of and consulting to organizations, executives, entrepreneurs and athletes in Israel and overseas. Those tools, which she has acquired in the personal and professional planes, have made Adi a leading expert in the field of resilience and excellence.

Several years ago, Adi decided to make a dramatic change in her life. She packed all her knowledge and on-the-ground experience she had gained, and set out on a journey of research and development aided by the best experts, founded the Adi Drive Institute, which engages in research, development, assessment and measurement, and in 2008 she developed the Drive Method.

In 2010 Adi invested her maximum resources (money and energy) in order to establish the Drive Association- a non-profit organization, which nowadays includes over 100 experts and volunteers spread out all over Israel, with thousands of people exposed per year, with the purpose of imparting the tools and skills to youths and their surrounding environments, in order to create a better society.

Alongside her studies for degrees in communication, management and business administration, Adi has volunteered and been active in accompanying youths within the framework of the "young entrepreneurs" program, as an advisor and judge.

Today as well, Adi continues researching and learning; she participates in trainings and seminars given by the top experts in Israel and worldwide, and concurrently  writes additional training and methodology books for professional trainings and processes.

In the recent years, Adi has been focusing the major part of her activity on accompaniment of, and development for security bodies. Among her clients: the Ministry of Defense, the Prime Minister's Office, The Israeli Police, The Israeli Air Force, The Education Corps, and these bodies' leadership schools.

Adi is in a relationship and is the mother of two boys –Ariel and Nir (her partners on the way); She is a resident of the city of Modi'in.

Adi has another family- the Drive Family, thanks to whom the vision has become a reality! You are invited to familiarize yourself with the soul players who- together with Adi- have carried the "stretcher" at any situation and weather, no matter how challenging…

Adi donates her entire income from the institute to the Drive Association.

To learn more about the association and the people involved, visit: